For the past months, we've been working on Workspaces 2.
Currently it's in beta stage and you can get early access to it here.


Meet your personal project assistant!
  • Super quick access to important documents, websites, folders, apps, e-mails.
  • Everything organized by projects (workspaces).
  • All important things in one place.
  • Start working with one click. Just press START.
  • Click less and focus on your work.
  • Clean and nice UI
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Over 150 apps for $9.99/mo.
Including SideNotes, Workspaces, TeaCode and Expressions.
Workspaces requires macOS 10.11 or newer
Start instantly

Launch things you need with single click.

Choose project you would like to work on and click START. All the things you need for your work (like apps, documents or websites) will be open at once.
A dream tool that’s made by people for people, elegantly solving the annoying part of switching between projects, simple and genius. From now on, there’s no way out for your motivation, seriously.
Quick access

Quick access to particular resources.

Just click Workspaces icon in your menu bar (or use your keyboard.) Open resources you need right now with almost no effort.
As a freelance web designer who manages several sites and accounts from maintenance to content creation, it’s a serious time saver being able to minimize my clicks. Workspaces is a beautiful, minimal app that gives me an organized one-click option for all those projects along with the apps and urls that correspond with each. Apptorium’s support is top-notch as well.
Everything's in place

Stop searching.
Everything is in place.

Forgot where those important emails were? Or that document? Yeah, it happens. But with Workspaces just take a look at your resource list. You’ll get what you need right away.
Workspace is an amazing app. Each time I work on a new project, I set a new Workspace and it boosts my productivity. I don't need to spend time on my folder to open the documents I need, no time to look at my Bookmarks in the web browser. With Workspace, I can open whatever I want, whenever I want in a second. All I need is gathered in one app!
Be productive

Be productive like never before!
Say goodbye to distraction.

With Workspaces you are way more organised and everything is in place. You can focus on your work only. With this app chances of getting distracted are limited ‐ you are provided with a list of stuff you actually need.
Once you see what Workspaces can do, you'll wind up using it for all your projects.
Manage chaos

Manage multiple project chaos.

With Workspaces it's much easier to manage multiple projects. Especially, when you have to jump from one project to another. Fear no chaos! Workspaces is your new personal project assistant.
@apptorium it's like I've died and gone to heaven with Workspaces.
Clean Desktop

Clean desktop. Finally!

Messy desktop is quite a common thing. Especially if you have lots of stuff which you put there, just to have quicker access. With Workspaces, you can afford putting your stuff in the right place and still have quick access.
Damn, this is gonna save tons of time and obliterate switching costs.


Super easy editing

Just drag and drop all the important files and folders. Or websites, yes, right from the webbrowser. Or e-mail from Mail app. Simple.

Archive unused workspaces.
Restore them anytime.

Open contextual menu of a workspace (right-click) and choose Archive option. To see archived workspaces, just click the right-bottom icon in the sidebar.


It really helps when you're making similar Workspaces. Or resources. Just press ⌘D. Or click Duplicate in the contextual menu.

Use keyboard.
Become super productive!

Clicking is not that efficient. You can navigate the Menubar window using keyboard only.
Press ⌃⌥⌘↓ to open the window. Navigate using arrows and .

Choose app you actually need

Sometimes you would like to open a file with different application that the default one. Or to add one file twice: with different applications that opens it. Click Advanced button when editing the resource and choose the app you need.

Open custom URL

Some applications provide URL to their resources. So we made URL. Even macOS provides custom URL schemes. For instance, when you enter something like tel:number, you can make a phone call. Or start writing text message (sms:number). Or e-mail (mailto:email@address.domain).

Open Terminal in chosen folder

In workspace editor click + button and choose Terminal. Then just drop your folder.
And yes, you can use iTerm. You can choose the default terminal app in Preferences.

Open resources or workspaces with their unique URL

Every workspaces and resource has its unique URL. You can get it by clicking Copy URL in the contextual menu, in Editor window.
When you open such URL, particular resource or workspace will start.


We prepared a PressKit that contains app icon and images. You can get it here.