Workspaces 1.5

Christmas is coming very soon. So we've been doing some cleaning in Workspaces. The new version is focused on continuing user interface enhancing, so the app becomes more intuitive, simple and clean.

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written on 2017/12/20, at 09:44

Workspaces 1.4 is here

The newest Workspaces is another small update. However it bringes two changes that we found important.

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written on 2017/11/22, at 01:15


We all write things down. Our thoughts, ideas and memories. And most of us want these notes to be easy-to-make but still organized. One of the greatest thing about programming is that we can make apps we actually need. So we made Monologue. A simple app that allows to write short entries. It's a bit like a simplified, private Twitter.

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written on 2017/11/20, at 12:00

Workspaces 1.3 Released

It's been a while since we last updated Workspaces. For the last few months we've been working on the next big version and some new, nice projects. It will take some time until Workspaces 2 will be ready, so we made a small update to improve the app.

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written on 2017/10/16, at 08:00

Hello World!

It became tradition that the first thing learnt from programming books is to write a program that displays "Hello World" message. It is the simplest thing that gives a quick result.

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