TeaCode Beta

Let's brew some code. Instantly.

Currently TeaCode is available as a closed beta only. If you want to get early access to the app, please send us a message.

Writing code requires lots of key pressing. Many patterns are often being written over and over again. Why don't type faster?
IDEs auto-complete code. It's very helpful, but still it's not enough.

We are finishing an app that will change it.

TeaCode supports Xcode, TextMate, Coda and other native text editors on macOS. The following example is presented in TextMate.

TeaCode comes with over 70 built-in Expanders: simple, short code patterns that are expanded to the final code.


Application allows to edit existing Expanders and create new ones using simple language that consists of variables, filters and optional expressions.



It's been a long while that someone outside of Apple made Xcode more productive for my workflows. Tea Code has done it though. This tool is more than a time saver; it's a copilot while you are “in the air” coding your apps. Its there real to fill in the blanks, seamlessly and conveniently.
Ironically, I’ve been trying to recreate what Tea Code does with a keyboard macro app, but it is just NOT the same. Tea Code is integrated and focused. Its token language allows me to handle text cases in the most flexible of ways. It takes DRY to a whole new level.
I am "all in" on Tea Code and plan to invest time in creating as much templated code expanders as possible, to save me as much work as possible because life is too short to type the same things over and over.

Louis R


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