Five notes with one click. Anytime.
Quickly accessed, 5 Markdown-formatted notes right from the Menubar icon. Available even on full screen apps with ability to stay on top.
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FiveNotes requires macOS 10.12 or newer


Minimalistic user interface
Nice, simple, beautiful. Right in your Menubar.
5 Notes. No more.
Forget about keeping hundreds of notes that you cannot find.
Yes, FiveNotes supports simple Markdown formatting.
Works over full-screen apps
No matter what app you work with, you can always open FiveNotes.
Keybaord shortcuts
Press ⌃⌥⌘+space and get acccess to your notes. Press ⇧⌘+] or ⇧⌘+[ to switch between them.
Always Visible
Check Stay on top option and have FiveNotes always on top!


I've been using this for a few weeks and finally have discovered where it fits into my daily workflow. When I have an idea that I know I will want to reference at a later time I will jot it in one of my notes. Then as I need it later I cut it out of the note and I free up one of the five again for later. The best feature of these notes is that the menu item will stay active even when I click out of it so I can use it as a reference and continually add new thoughts to it. Great for notetaking while reading an article, or creating a temporary to-do list whilst going through email. It has more than a few uses and will stay in my menu bar for a while.

I have tried many Notes app, so far, the one that suits my needs is FiveNotes. It is elegant, minimalist, and accepts markdown. There is no need to open an app or a new window to write a note. With FiveNote minimalist window, I can quickly add my thoughts and share if necessary