An app to play with regular expressions.
Easily and nicely.
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Expressions requires macOS 10.11 or newer


Minimalistic UI
Forget about buttons. Just type your pattern and test expression. See the results immediately.
Syntax highlighting
Your pattern looks not only nice, but it's easy to read.
Reference sheet
Always forgetting regular expression syntax? Just press cmd+r and check out the reference sheet.
Live preview
Whatever you write it works instantly. Type your pattern and see the results. Modify your test expression and check if it still works.
Expression Library
Application lets you to save your expressions, so you can always get back to them.
Group highlighting
Expressions highlight not only text group but it highlights pattern group as well.
Easy switching between groups
It's good to see subexpressions. Just press cmd+shift+} or cmd+shift+{.
Beautiful full screen view
Enter full screen mode and enjoy working with regular expressions. No distractions. Just you and your patterns.
Multiline patterns and comments
Sometimes the pattern is too complex. Just check "Allow whitespaces and comments" option and split your pattern into smaller parts. Add some comments if you like.
Dark and light mode
It's great to have dark interface. But sometimes you just want to have a fresh look. Change your interface to Light. It still looks amazing.


(...) It's a sumptuous, minimalistic, don't-make-me-think app I use to evaluate regular expressions (regex).(...) Expressions the most Mac-like of any of the regex apps I've used. In fact, after I close Expressions and go back to my Mac's desktop, my desktop feels a little shabby.(...)

Expressions is a definitely great tool for regex. It’s so simple, elegant and gorgeous that I don’t want to use any other else.

Expressions by @apptorium is one of my favorite apps. It replaced my need to go on the web and search for online regex testers. Downloaded it from @setapp