Where to buy? Website, MacAppStore or Setapp?

We usually distribute our apps via the website, MacAppStore or Setapp. Many people asks where should they buy an app from.


The preferable way for us is to buy the app from our website. It's much easier to support our users this way. People who bought the app from the website are the first who gets the update. It's especially important in case of bug fixes. We are able to distribute it right away. Another advantage is that we usually create trial version, so you can try the app before you buy it. We provide free minor updates. The license allows to activate app on 2 devices.

Mac App Store

Many people buy our apps from Mac App Store. It's the easies way. Just click install, wait and the app is installed. You will get all the minor updates for free. The disadvantage is that we are not able to make a trial vesion or publish bug fix right away. It always needs to be checked and accepted by the store.


Setapp is a service that allows you to get access to over hundred of really great Mac apps. You just pay $10 once a month and that's it. We distribute Expressions, Workspaces and TeaCode this way, so if you have Setapp, you don't have to buy these apps. You just have them as long as you pay for the service.