It couldn't be simpler.


Sizes is a great app that helps you in resizing images for Retina display. The only thing you have to do is to drop your files on the icon and wait a second. You don't even need to name your files properly - Sizes does it for you. And of course you can change the image suffix. Really simple.

So if you are a graphic designer or an app developer, it's an app you're going to love.
We use it doing every app.

Basically Sizes resizes retina-images (@2x) to standard-images.
But it also has other features:
  • Creating missing @2x files.

    You don't have to worry about adding @2x suffix to the files. Sizes adds it and creates standard image.

  • Drop your files and wait a second.

    Sizes user interface is totally minimalistic. You don't need to see any windows. Just drag your files and drop them on the icon at the dock. Output images are saved in their original directory.

  • Can I change image suffix?

    We prepared some settings to give you control on Sizes. And yes, you can change the image suffix.


Sizes can be downloaded on the MacAppStore, but we are also going to sell it here. If you are interested in buying Sizes directly from us, or need to buy more copies at once (discounts), just contact us.


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